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My Journey

I should introduce myself a little.

I’m Erica! I have been following the Ketogenic Lifestyle since June 4th 2017.  Actually, I started December 26th 2016 and was doing very well until I went away for a weekend in February.  I ate what my hosts provided and then completely fell off the wagon.

A bit about me.

I was over weight most of my life.  I was the fat kid everyone made fun of. Often, even now, I jump to humor, if I made fun of myself before they did, somehow it seemed better, less painful.   I was put on many diets throughout my childhood, all of which I hated!  They were not my choice.  As I got older my Dr. would tell me how obese I was and that I HAD to lose weight!  Let me tell ya, when someone tells me to lose weight I always responded (internally) with a big F**K you!  I would then proceed to eat more, just out of spite.

I loved all foods (really, I still do!) but my thing was sweets!  I lived for dessert. I could literally eat dessert all day.  It didn’t help that I LOVE to bake! If you’re interested in NON-Keto amazing desserts you can check out my baking blog, though it has been very quite over the past 2 years.

May 2002 that I was ready for a change.  I saw a picture** of myself, in the back of a limo, on the way to a Leafs playoff hockey game (yes, that is a rare event! I was on top of the world, so excited and happy) and I cried.  I knew I was big, I always was, but this picture hit home.  I was disgusted with myself. I call it the ‘Put the fork down, Erica’ picture.  The next day I joined Weight Watchers! I know, I know, this is a Keto page…stick with me.

I lost 100lbs between  May 2002 –  June 2004.  I stuck with WW for many years, yo-yoing up and down and paying a lot of money along the way.  It worked. I lost weight, but I felt no different and I was always hungry.  I found ways to stay within my allotment, and eat garbage, then gain weight and be mad it wasn’t working. This went on for years.

After a day of binging on nothing but cookies (the whole batch!), sandwiches, treats and chips I felt like utter garbage.  I remembered back to January how good I was feeling.  The next day I got rid of all the carbs/sugars in my house, recommitted to Keto and I have not looked back!

I started keto initially for the idea of fast weight loss.  I saw how well a friend had done, and I wanted that!  Yes, I have lost over 30lbs, almost back to the 100lb down mark, but it is the way keto makes me feel that keeps me going!!  I have experienced so many benefits from keto

  • weight loss
  • decreased anxiety
  • increased energy
  • allergies have been eliminated
  • joints no longer ache
  • skin is fantastic
  • and an overall feeling of wellness

I have been Keto for two years.  I can’t say I will eat ketogenically for the rest of my life.  Right now, keto works for me, it makes me feel good.  I will continue as long as I am feeling fantastic!

Even after being Keto all this time and the amazing change it has brought to my life, the majority of people in my life still think I am crazy for eating this way.  When I was 1oo lbs heavier, eating whole bags of chips, plates of desserts, busting out of my clothes and miserable, no one said a word about what I ate or had any concern for my health.  As soon as they hear I am not eating sugar or carbs EVERYONE has an opinion and tells me how unhealthy it is to eat this way.  I don’t talk keto to anyone unless they ask.  I am not a pusher.  There is nothing worse than someone trying to push their way of eating on you!  So, this is my outlet!

I openly admit, when my friend first started talking about Keto I thought she was nuts! Why, in God’s name, would anyone give up bread?, chips??, dessert????, that is just stupid!  I can’t do that! I can’t give up all that! The truth is, yes I can, and I have. You just have to want it!

**This picture is always with me.  I often need the reminder of just how far I have come and where I will not go back to.  I have no issues showing anyone this picture.  It’s me, I’m not ashamed of who I was.  People often don’t believe me when I tell them how much I have lost.  It is kinda funny to see their reactions when they see it.  I get a lot of “THAT’S NOT YOU!”  This picture will never be posted on the internet.  It’s bad!  As are all my ‘then’ pictures.  If you are wanting a visual, I looked like Fat Bastard, from Austin Powers, but with long curly hair! I’ll leave you with that! haha!

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