My Keto meals

Sharing what I eat. Simple Keto meals & ideas


Welcome to My Keto Meals!

After following the Ketogenic Lifestyle for two years, I’ve decided to share some of the meals and ideas that have helped me throughout my journey.

Even after two years, most people still think I am crazy for eating this way.  I get a lot of….. ‘when will you introduce ‘good carbs’? because you can’t live without fruit!!!’ or…… ‘oh, that is so unhealthy!’, and of course they always say…… ‘aren’t you worried about eating all that fat?’ and my personal favourite…..’that is just not sustainable, it’s just a fad’.  If you are Keto, I am sure you have experience some of this.  I just let them ramble.  

I’ve missed blogging and this seemed like the perfect way to talk food and keto with others that are interested! 

I am far from an expert, I only know what works for me. I will be sharing meals, snacks, tips, eating out options and some products I enjoy! These things may not be ‘perfect keto’ or ‘your keto’, but it is what has worked for me. Everyone is different and follows the Keto lifestyle for different reasons. Do what works for you!

I won’t be including macros for the food I post. Everyone’s ingredients are different, depending on where you live and the brand you use.

I will be posting delicious and easy food! I am not fancy, formal or trying to impress. I want things that are simple and delicious! 

I may also post the odd rant, babble or view.  But, don’t worry, I know I am an awful writer, so I’ll keep those to a minimum!

I hope you will follow along and find some inspiration for your next Keto meal.

*Side note: I am a very visual person.  I like to see things.  I also like taking pictures. This means there are usually a ton of pictures per post!  There is nothing worse than looking into a recipe with no pictures!  Let me see what it is supposed to look like! 

I also have a baking blog, which has gone pretty stagnant since going keto. If you are interested in some very delicious NON-KETO delights you can check it out here. I also used to have a running blog, which is ‘on pause’ while I nurse an injury, it can be found here.




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