I know most people are ordering delivery or doing curbside pick up, but I am a littler leery of that at the moment.  I attempted to make a ‘take out’ dish, Beef and Broccoli.

I didn’t follow a recipe, which is very out of charater for me.  I had half of a strip steak (that was horribly tough!, pretty much inedible) left over from the night before and I needed a way to spruce it up.  I figured marinating it was the only way to go.

Normally Beef and Broccoli has corn starch and sugar, so I ketofied it best I could.


Beef & Broccoli


Beef (I used half a strip loin steak)
Broccoli florets (200gr)
Soy Sauce (2 tbsp)
Avocado Oil (1tbsp)
Powdered Ginger (1tsp)
Pepper flakes (pinch)
Sesame Seeds (sprinkle)
Broth or water (1/4 cup)
Xanthan gum (1/4 tsp)


1  Combine oil, soya, ginger, pepper flakes, ginger and sesame seeds. Set aside


2. Slice steak, against the grain, very thinly.  I went extremely thin, doing everything I could to make this meat chewable.


3. Add beef to marinade.  Cover and refrigerate 4+ hours.


4. If you wish to top your dish with Toasted Sesame seeds add to a hot pan and toss/stir.  Toast until fragrant, watching not to burn.


5. When you are ready to eat, heat pan to med-high.  Add beef and remaining marinade in a single layer.


6.  Flip and continue to cook


7. Remove cooked beef and set aside.  To your seasoned pan add garlic, broth and broccoli. Cook until tender


8. Return beef to the pan and add xanthan gum to thicken.


9. Continue stirring and simmer while it thickens


10.  Dish up and top with toasted sesame seeds.


This was delicious!  I was pleasantly surprised!  Usually when I ‘wing’ a recipe it is a total flop.

The best part? The beef was melt in your mouth tender!  The  marinade worked it’s magic.   The flavours were right on point.  The sauce thickened up perfectly.  It’s rare that I don’t have something negative to say about dinner, but this was perfect!


I will definitely be making this again, I have several of those steaks to use up!