Wings! The perfect food.  I could eat them every day.  During this covid19 lock down I am missing wing nights!  Sure, I miss the wings, but I can make them at home.  It’s the people I miss!  Without the wing night crew, it’s just wings, not Wing Night!

I absolutely LOVE anything Salt & Vinegar.  Pre-keto Salt & Vinegar was my go-to chips. Now, I don’t want just any salt & vinegar.  I want pucker your face, raw tongue, make ya sweat Salt & Vinegar.

I knew when I saw Kyndra Holley’s Salt and Vinegar Wings, from her website Peace Love and Low Carb , I had to try them!  Two of my favourite things, how could I go wrong?!  Head over and check out her site, for the full recipe and Kyndra has several Keto cookbooks and many recipes available on her website.

Salt & Vinegar Wings

Adapted from Peace Love and Low Carb


1. Combine ingredients in a zipper bag or bowl


2. Add wings and marinade in fridge.  I did about 5 hours.


3. Remove wings and place on a paper towel to remove moisture and excess marinade. I also patted dry with an additional dry towel.


5. Toss in Baking Powder – to add extra crispiness


6. Bake on a wrack at 250º F for approx 20 mins.  Increase heat to 425º F and bake for an additional 40 mins or until done to your desired crispiness.


7. Allow to sit for 5 minutes (Just look at those!)


8. Toss in remaining brine (that was set aside BEFORE adding wings)


Voila! Top with more salt and enjoy!



These were very good.  You could really taste the vinegar, not overwhelming, but a nice flavour.  I would, however, marinade them much longer next time, as I am a bit of a S&V freak.  I marinaded about 5 hours.  I would probably do over night next time.

I highly recommend these wings.  For full recipe and many, many others check out Kyndra’s website Peace Love and Low Carb.