I love quiche!

Growing up, I ate it a lot.  It’s easy, simple and delicious.  The flavour possibilities are endless.

When I started Keto I avoided it because of the crust.  Then one day it hit me.  Why not try to make it without the crust?


1. Pre-heat oven 425º F

2. Butter the heck out of a dish, any size, any shape.  This step is very important!  Not only does it create a crunchy exterior to the quiche (we’ll call it the crust) but if you don’t, it will stick and you will never get it out!


3. Add what you like!

So many possibilities!

Eggs: obviously!

Cream: I like to add whipping cream as most of the ingredients are pretty lean.

Meat: ham, bacon, pork, ground beef, steak, seafood, sausage, kolbassa, deli meats. (I just cant seem to stomach the idea of chicken and eggs, but if you like it, put it in!)

Veg: spinach, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, green onions, peppers, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, jalapenos, leeks, shallots, garlic, tomatoes (though, I think that tomatoes and eggs is totally wrong!) Some veg I would advise precooking as they hold a lot of water, but it’s not totally necessary.

Cheese: any and all kinds! I really enjoy the melt of provolone in quiche, but the sharp flavour of an extra old cheddar or feta.  I often put a variety of cheeses in.


4. Load all of your meat, veg and cheese in your desired, BUTTERED, dish

**Can be made the day a head!  Prepping for company?  Stop here!  Cover and refrigerate.  Resume step 5 when you are ready to cook!**


5.  Whisk eggs and add cream (if using).  Pour over add ins


6. Bake until center is set and golden brown.  Time varies with size and oven.


Perfect!  Look at how the bottom browns up, and forms a ‘crust’


7. Allow to cool a few mins, cut and enjoy!


They come out perfect, every time!


I also really like that it freezes/reheats well!  I generally will freeze half of it in individual servings to grab for quick work lunches.


Don’t want all the leftovers?  Make a single serving!


Having company that are non-ketoers?  Make two, one with and one without the crust!

Has crestless quiche made it into your keto journey?

Would love to hear how you like yours!