When you are in a pandemic the world seems to stop. Being told I can’t go to work, social distance, physical distance, stay home except for getting the essentials. All non-essential stores are closed, restaurants are pick up or delivery.  People are getting sick, and dying.  It’s hard not to be scared!   I am doing everything possible so I don’t STRESS EAT!

I needed comfort food!



It used to be so easy.  There are, at minimum, 100 places you can get pizza in any given city.  Call them up, it arrives at your door in about 40 mins.  Walking down the street, stop for a slice to go. Get it frozen and bake at home.  Not now!  Sure many places have made ‘Keto Versions’ but I, honestly, don’t trust it. So many companies slap ‘Keto’ on something to get a piece of the pie.

I’ve tried several different crust.  Early on I went with the Cauliflower Crust.  I hate cauliflower, I was desperate.   I tried Fathead, pretty good, but soooo may calories! I posted about the Pizza Bake, it was my go to, until now!

I finally tried Keto Connects Chicken Crust Pizza.  Not sure why it’s taken me three years. If you are keto, you know Keto Connect.  Matt and Megha are such a huge part of the keto community.  They have so many incredible recipes, videos, tips, ideas.  Head over to their website and YouTube channel to check it out.

Chicken Crust Pizza

Adapted from Keto Connect

Canned Chicken
1 oz Parmesan Cheese
1 Eggg


1. Preheat oven to 500º

2. Drain chicken, squeeze extra moisture with paper towel (I used Kirkland)



3. Add parmesan and egg, stir to combine



4. Dump onto parchment or a SPLAT.  Top with another sheet of parchment and roll to desired thickness


5. Form to desired shape.  I made it into 2


6. Bake until golden.  Approx 10 mins


7. Top with your favorite toppings


8. Bake to your preference.  I finished it under the broiler


This crust is fantastic!

It does not taste like chicken at all, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was basically flavourless, just a vehicle to top with goodness.  The texture was good.  It crisped up nicely, and had a bit of a chew.


The best part? It is sturdy enough to hold!


Every other keto pizza crust I have made required a knife and fork, which is fine, but….for the true pizza experience, I like to pick it up.


I really enjoyed this crust.

Thanks to Matt and Megha for sharing this amazing recipe.  I think this will become a weekly thing.