Pre-keto, I was a bit of a sandwich freak.  I hated cooking and they were easy.  They had endless possibilities and were prefect for every meal!  That all went down the tubes when I started keto.  No bread, pita, buns, bagels or wraps.  Sure they have ‘low carb’ ones, but they still have way to many carbs and I believe them to be triggering.

One day out of pure desperation, after trying to make numerous, failed attempts at almond flour or coconut flour wraps, decided to try something different.


Egg Whites
Butter or fat of some kind, I usually use bacon grease


1. Melt butter in your large frying pan, the bigger the better.  Make sure to coat the sides of the pan as well.


2. When the pan is good and hot add 1/3-1/2 cup of egg whites, depending on your pan size


3. At this stage you want to move the pan around a lot, make sure to spread it as thin as you can, getting it up the sides of the pan. Tilt and turn to get it as high up the sides as possible. It will shrink


4. Once it is no longer flowing, turn down the heat and allow it cook until golden.  I generally  just say ‘cook the hell out of it’



5. Once it is to your desired doneness, flip and cook the other side.


6. Allow to cool on a wire rack.



It is very thin, but when cooked well, very strong.


Treat it like any other wrap. Fill it with anything you like!

Honestly, it is not at all ‘eggy’, it’s basically flavourless.  It’s just a sturdy vehicle to fill with delicious sammich filling!   Also great for fajitas soft tacos etc.


I make several ahead of time and they are ready to make for weekly lunches.